“Whether it’s a fair reputation or not, this Bushwick-bordering neighborhood has become something of a gateway drug for Brooklynites moving into Queens. And though it shares plenty with its Brooklyn neighbor, Ridgewood is loaded with unique culture, history, and architecture in its own right, all of which is chronicled over at Ridgewood Social. We also appreciate the authors’ sensitivity to the neighborhood’s gentrification, and there’s an entire portion of the site providing accessible housing resources on the site, as well as tips on reducing your own impact as a possible transplant.”

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New group is making connections in Ridgewood

by Alexandra Torres | Feb 27, 2013

Ridgewood residents looking for some weekend or post-work fun no longer have to look further than their own neighborhood.

Ridgewood Social, as well as the Ridgewood Market featuring artisanal goods, were both created last year by Sarah Feldman to help Ridgewood residents find the things they need without the Manhattan prices or the bus or train ride to other neighborhoods.

Founded in June 2012 out of “boredom,” Ridgewood Social is an outlet to host interesting happenings and promote Ridgewood events, while creating community and supporting local businesses.

After growing up in Houston, and then living in Manhattan for several years, Feldman found her way to Ridgewood a year and a half ago. She was fond of the neighborhood’s quaintness, but her work schedule was preventing her from meeting people, making her feel lonely in the neighborhood.

She also jokingly acknowledged how social anxiety – ironic for the founder of a social group – helped her conceive of the idea.

Her boyfriend gave her the extra nudge.

“I convinced her that it would be an adventure to see what and who is in the neighborhood,” said Neil Myers, co-organizer of Ridgewood Social.

The Ridgewood Social has also serves as a platform where others can post their events on their website, and Feldman encourages businesses to take advantage of that opportunity.

“I’d like this to be more community driven,” Feldman said. “I don’t want this to be just my thing.”

Feldman invites Ridgewood residents to get out there, have a good time and get to know their neighborhood.

“Until you know people, you don’t know much about your area,” she said. “That’s really why social interaction is so important.”

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