Ridgewood Small Businesses are Learning to Protect the Environment

Photo and informative text from Janet Falk of Mr. T Carting ( FYI! This is NOT a sponsored post)


“Recent initiatives by the New York City Department of Sanitation will promote the diversion of food waste from the commercial and residential waste stream represent opportunities for food-related businesses to adopt new best practices with impact for operations, finances and the local environment. ” –  Mr. T Carting


A proposed rule would expand the mandate that food service businesses and retailers of a certain size comply with “source separation, storage, and labeling” of food waste. 

According to Tom Toscano, CFO, Mr. T Carting, one of the six largest private carting companies in New York, several of its clients that are restaurants, catering halls, grocery stores, fruit stands and food producers are among the early adopters of collecting organic materials, even before DSNY puts these new regulations into effect.

“Mr. T Carting has had a program for separate food waste collection since 2005. More than 40% of our customers are in food-related businesses, so we know how important it is to offer this food waste collection service. Many new customers appreciate that they can contract with Mr. T for compost collection, recycling and trash services — all from a single vendor,” said Toscano.

According to Basil Lee, owner of Finback Brewery in Glendale, “Finback Brewery generates thousands of pounds of waste grains in the brewing process. There’s so much waste, it feels almost irresponsible to just dump it in a landfill.” He notes that the weight of the waste grain makes it hard to store and transport without the help of Mr. T Carting.

There are additional operational benefits to separate food waste collection, Toscano added. It contributes to the overall cleanliness of the store or restaurant. It also helps with pest management. “Rats and mice have much less to feed on when food waste is stored in tight containers,” he added. 

As for residential buildings, the curbside organic waste collection has already begun in three areas of Queens (Community boards 2, 9 and 14) and voluntary programs for residential buildings in The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens have been underway since April. 

For more information, and to speak with Tom Toscano of Mr. T Carting and its customers, please contact Janet Falk at 212-677-5770 or janet@janetlfalk.com.


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