Throwback Post: Lost in Time, Ridgewood Coins & Collectibles…and My Grandpa

Ridgewood Coins & Collectibles has been the neighborhood coin store since 1958 and is basically a time capsule when you walk in. I don’t think they renovated or removed anything since ’58 either. The store is stuck in time and it is amazing to find something as authentic as this these days. Also, they have one of the most BEAUTIFUL vintage signs in Ridgewood.


My grandpa, if he was alive, would basically go to town in this place and bring the owners buckets and buckets of coins he collected over the years. Grandpa Norman grew up in the depression in New York City, which affected the way he lived for the rest of his life. After he died, we basically had to go on an oddly depressing treasure hunt in his small home in Houston, Texas. There were old coins in boxes, under carpets, in drawers. There were piles of old stocks and bonds. We could not sell the home until we knew everything was found. My grandparents unconsciously needed to prepared for the next depression and that is what led them to hiding so much. We had no idea how much The Great Depression affected both of them until after they died. I mean, my grandma lived on food stamps as a child and suffered greatly, but they never ever talked about the great lengths they went into hiding these coins and among things.

Anyways, Ridgewood Coins & Collectables has “expert numismatists” on hand with decades of experience. They told me they sell and buy the best and most competitive up to date prices available on U.S and foreign bullion, U.S. and foreign Type Coins, 90% silver coins, foreign and U.S. paper money, medals, tokens, scrap and estate Jewelry. Some of their stuff dates back hundreds of years.


Ridgewood Coins & Collectibles
59-13 71st Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385
Phone:(718) 381-3601

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