Bodega Advent Art Walk in Ridgewood & Bushwick!

Text and illustrations from the Bushwick Abbey/Iglesia de la Santa Cruz.

Hi! My name is Vince,

I am the Director of Arts and Community Development at Bushwick Abbey/Iglesia de la Santa Cruz on St. Nicholas and Himrod.

We launched this Bodega Advent Calendar Project on Friday, Dec. 1st. We’ve commissioned 25 local artist to hang art in local bodegas as a living advent calendar. We will be installing one piece of art daily from Dec. 1st to Dec. 25th. People can follow us on Instagram and with the help of a google map can take their own “Bodega Advent Art Walk”.

Bushwick and Ridgewood bodegas are participating in this creative community art project to mark the season of Advent through a living Advent calendar. Twenty-five neighborhood bodegas will feature the artwork of twenty-five local artists from December 1st through 25th, in a bilingual month-long event sponsored by the Episcopal parishes of Bushwick Abbey and Iglesia de la Santa Cruz.

In the Christian tradition, Advent is a tradition to have an Advent calendar to help count down the days until Christmas. Children, eagerly open each day of the calendar, hoping for a piece of candy.

Bodegas are frequently the last citadels against the sweeping tide of demographic change and displacement in communities. They are community centers, providing food to neighborhoods that are underserved, and their owners and employees are often first generation immigrants

The Bodega Advent Project is an invitation to participate in this season of waiting and welcoming in bodegas, which are often core gathering places in Brooklyn communities. The project will bring the calendar to life as, each day, one artwork will be hung in the window of a participating bodega in Bushwick and Ridgewood.

“It is essential for an artist to enter community. Working with Bushwick Abbey and Iglesia de la Santa Cruz, Brooklyn artists have the opportunity to do so at the most local of levels,” said Seth Ruggles Hiler, a participating artist. “Sharing work publicly in these neighborhood hubs is an exciting way of creating connections, which is the magic that is art.”

Starting December 1st, 2017, the public will be able to follow the calendar both online and in person through Instagram and Facebook. On the website, the public can also view a map of the locations and take their own “Bodega Advent Calendar” walk, as well as get information about special events during the project.


About Bushwick Abbey: Bushwick Abbey is a welcoming and inclusive Episcopal congregation committed to sharing our faith through the arts, and working to create a more just world. We are learning, sharing and celebrating the stories of Bushwick, Brooklyn, as we work with those creating new stories. Services are held every Sunday at 11 AM at 176 St. Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn NY 

About Iglesia de la Santa Cruz: Iglesia de la Santa Cruz is a  a Latinx Episcopal  congregation, actively engaged in promoting the spiritual and physical well being of our parishioners and neighbors through partnerships with community organizations, such as the Latino Commission on AIDS. Mass is celebrated every Sunday at 1 PM at 176 St. Nicholas Ave on the corner of Himrod.

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