This Sunday! Check out a Film Festival in Ridgewood!

Header photo from Gasper & Son, text and body visuals from Blue Parallax Studios and the Gold Star Film Festival

Stay in Ridgewood this weekend and witness some fine work created by local filmmakers. Gold Star Film Festival is a New York based film festival determined to showcase some of the most amazing film makers around the world.

Their objective is to pin point film makers and everyone involved with their projects, to make sure that the entire world can witness greatness at it’s raising point. Join them as they celebrate and award independent filmmaking.

Gasper & Son, the documentary about Robbie Ingui of Artistic Neon in Ridgewood, Queens will be featured there as well. Learn more about the film on Gasper & Son’s Facebook page. Program schedule is below.

Blue Parallax Studios is a sponsor and is super excited to invite the neighborhood to this event. It will take place on their main stage Sunday, December 3rd, 2017. Purchase tickets here! Only $10!

FYI! You can still submit your film project. It’s free to enter! To learn more, please visit their website:


Purchase tickets here! Only $10!

Sun, December 3, 2017
4:00 PM – 9:00 PM

BlueParallax Studios
Main Stage
1659 Cody Avenue
Queens, NY 11385

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