Throwback Post: Vintage Signs of Ridgewood Discovers 100-Year-Old History Book About Neighborhood

As noted on social media, I am taking some time off from some projects until next week. But now… I am sick (hahahaha…omg… save me …cough cough cough)! So I have decided there are enough gems on this website to sometimes not post something new, but something I wrote a while back that is still special. Introducing THROWBACK POSTS! šŸ˜€ Yeah…now I go back to bed. Have fun. This is one of my favorites. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

“I found that book [online] when an Instagram user asked me who George SchneiderĀ was, and whether that door has historical landmark status. I went to Google and found the book that way! The research continues…” – Vintage Signs of Ridgewood


Vintage Signs of Ridgewood has given our neighborhood another gift. An online discovery of a 100-year-old history book of Greater Ridgewood from 1913. The Illustrated history of Greater Ridgewood, together with brief sketches of its industries, organizations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men by George Schubel.

It was written around the time Ridgewood went from farmland to a neigborhood of Mathews Flats, Ring-Gibson Houses, and Stier Houses. It contains brief sketches, photographs of former industries, organizations, venues, before and after photos, and biographical details of some of the neighborhood’s past prominent men (sadly not many women, alsoĀ some slightly racist commentary). Also noted, majority of the people photographed have fantasticĀ mustaches. The book was published by the Ridgewood Times.

Hopefully in the future, Vintage Signs and Ridgewood Social can explore this book further and create some amazing posts about the history of this book. Vintage Signs brought up the possibility of walking tours. That would be fascinating!!

  • Flip through the pages here!
  • Check out the page with all the information here!
  • Download the PDF file here!Ā 
  • You can actually purchase a reprint or an original here!
  • Check out Vintage Signs of Ridgewood’s Instagram page!



A sample of the pages below:


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