Art Show “Thirsty Vision” at Finback Brewery

Text and Flyer from Finback Brewery

Finback Brewery has invited three artist photographers who both work professionally in the industry as well as who produce and moderate through their own social media outlets to share with us their work outside the realms of “beer photography”. Their artistic vision and way of seeing inform how
they capture and portray beer and its production.

“If eyes are windows to the soul, then seeing is a window into the
belly? Food photography generally and beer photography specifically
have transformed how we see food and drink. Following the rise of
social media platforms and the democratization of media through
“self-publishing” beers, ingredients, brewers and the surrounding
milieu of production are elevated, fetishized and disseminated in a
web of social content creating a new mechanism of communication and
desire. From the professional photographer to the amateur
instagrammer, our relationship to beer and brewing are curated through
a dialogue of likes, shares and tags.”

Mat Trogner
Matt Furman
Cory Smith

Finback Brewery 7801
77th Avenue Queens, NYC

November 4th- January 4th

Opening Reception:
November 4th 1-4 pm

Past show photos:

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