Renowned Performance Artist Matthew Silver in Ridgewood Tonight!


“My role as a clown, trickster and village idiot is to parody excessive seriousness by playing with taboos, rules, and social norms. My inspiration comes from my heart. I perform for smiles and laughter, loosening people’s armor, and opening up a portal for imagination, creativity and love.” – Matthew Silver


One of the most beloved characters of NYC performance art is coming to Ridgewood. His shows have gone viral and seen around the world. In fact, you probably know this act from around 2014. Hopefully it made you feel warm and bubbly inside.

We actually saw him a few weeks ago. We were driving in Brooklyn and he was performing on a street corner. If you see him, always make sure to tell him that you love him. I made sure to do that. It turned out to be the best decision in that moment.

He will be performing tonight at The Footlight’s talent show. Creative individuals sign up early to the NYC Talent Show and have six minutes to do anything they want. There is a full bar and a sound system/back line. There is also a writing and beer chugging contest. And of course, the event is free. It is hosted by the very talented Tim Shea and Victor Varnado.


Today at 9 PM
The Footlight
465 Seneca Ave, Queens, New York 11385


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