Local Businesss “Ridgewood Chocolate” in Documentary! See it Thursday!

Text and graphics from Hanna Utkin

There will be a screening on Thursday, October 19th at Topos Bookstore. It will be a short documentary about the local business Ridgewood Chocolate.

“Ridgewood Chocolate” is a short film by documentarians Hanna Utkin and Andrew Alvarez, about a Ridgewood couple–Constantine and Rubi–who started making their own chocolate after their houseware store started losing customers when faced with the rise of the retail behemoth Amazon. They transformed their business but kept their genuine philosophy. They now produce and sell bean to bar chocolate that is vegan, with a twist.

The writer Megan Giller will be there to join in on the conversation about chocolate bean to bar craftsmen in America. She writes about amazing chocolate makers across the country and internationally. This is her site:

Q&A and chocolate samples to follow.


Details about the images:

  • Image 1- beans in the window
  • Image 2- beans
  • Image 3- chocolate bar arrangement
  • Image 4- Rubi and their dog, Coco
  • Image 5- store front
  • Image 6- me talking to Constantine (behind the scenes, during the shoot)
  • Image 7- Constantine and a customer (and Coco)


Thursday, October 19
6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Topos Bookstore Cafe
788 Woodward Ave, Queens, New York 11385


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