Mr. T. Carting Celebrates 70 Years in Glendale!

Text and photos from Mr. T. Carting Corporation

Today, Ridgewood Social wants to share and support a family-run business in the neighborhood. This company has had their iconic logo in the Ridgewood and Glendale area for 70 years. The photo above is of Mr T (Tom Toscano) in 1947. The company is Mr. T Carting Corporation. Happy birthday guys!

Mr. T Carting Corporation is a full service, family owned and operated private waste management recycling and garbage removal business, servicing commercial and residential customers in New York City. They have been cleaning up New York with pride since 1947. Their team is experienced in all phases of junk removal and helps their customers plan and implement their programs. As an advocate for Vision Zero and eliminating waste, you will be pleased to learn of the initiatives underway at Mr. T Carting, one of the six largest private carting companies in the City of New York and based in Glendale.


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