Is the Ridgewood Movie Theater Coming Back?!?

Text and Recent Interior Shots, Rendering from Anthony Arroyo‎

Hello, my name is Anthony! I am so excited to talk to you all. Growing up in New York, I have been obsessed with the Ridgewood Theater since I was a kid.The Ridgewood Theater is a symbol of time tested strength of the community. While everything around it is changing constantly, it stands strong and magnificent. AND… I want to bring the movie theater back! I know it sounds crazy, but it is possible!

I walked by the Ridgewood Theater a few days ago, and noticed a sign was up on theater door. It had contact information for the current landlords of the theater. I called them and he explained that they still were renting space from 4,000 to 22,000 square feet. I immediately asked for pictures of the interior and a tour.

Yes! You heard me! The theater space is still available! It’s the apartments above that are rented. Sadly, the interior of the theater already has been demolished, but that just means room for creativity. And that is where the community comes in.

Can we get the community involved? I sent an email to a COO of a well known, but small theater company, and he loved the idea of working together and taking advantage of the former theater space space.

By having the space put back into the community’s hands we can have independent movie showings, theatrical productions, talent shows, along with regular movie showings. I envision possibly three or four smaller theaters, and a large theater on the main floor.

It’s going to be very, very expensive so we created a GoFundMe page and need your help! First we need to rent the space, second, need investors. Can you help us Ridgewood? Bushwick? Brooklyn? Queens? Let’s bring our prized Ridgewood Theater back! I have contacted local newspapers and even gotten in touch with local politicians.

I just finished the walk through, they have updated plumbing, lighting and HVAC. I fell in love with the space all over again. I pitched to owners about a theater being installed AND they are excited to see what comes next.


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