Meet Puma, The Guardian of Royal Leather Goods & Sneaker Stadium

Tip: Since the stores have been around for many years, they have a variety of vintage sneakers and handbags.You may be able to find something special from the eighties, the nineties, or the early aughts.

Royal Leather Goods is located on Myrtle Avenue and right next to it is Sneaker Stadium. Gary and Sharyn and have been the owners of both stores since 1989. Royal Leather Goods has been in Gary’s family since 1953.

You may of seen their cat, Puma. He is always greeting locals at the front of the stores. He also likes to pretend he is part of the window display. This includes people watching on Myrtle Avenue. On the day I visited, Puma pretty much followed me around as I took photos.

Puma snuck into their store back on labor day of 2006 and immediately hid in a closet. Sharyn opened the closet to find a bag for a customer and found him sitting in a box under the bottom shelf. He was less than a year old at the time. The husband and wife team decided to keep him, name him Puma and he’s been at the stores making friends with customers ever since. Customers come back to just visit him, take his picture, and give him a belly rub. He is extremely friendly and loves calling Royal Leather Goods, Inc. and Sneaker Stadium his home.

Sneaker Stadium sells name brand sneakers, boots, shoes and sandals. Some of the brands they carry are Reebok, Timberland, Caterpillar, Columbia, Rockport, Puma, Sprayground, Adidas, Converse, Nike, and more. Sneaker Stadium sells outerwear, spring and winter jackets, shirts, pants, and a large selection of brand name men’s and women’s clothing at bargain prices. They also sell a variety of jewelry. Royal Leather Goods has one of the largest selection of handbags, evening bags, travel bags, backpacks, wallets, luggage and travel accessories in Queens.

So the big question is, what have I bought at their shops? Well, in the past year I bought a leather backpack, a purse, and a pair of Converse High Tops. I pressured my husband to go and buy sneakers there, and he is very happy with his purchases.

Royal Leather Goods
60-73 Myrtle Avenue

Sneaker Stadium
60-75 Myrtle Avenue.

They are open Monday through Saturday from 11:30am until 6:30pm.
They accept all major credit and debit cards and they have layaway.
Phone number: 718.456.5800.

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