Want to Meet Locals? Check out This Ridgewood Group on Meetup.com!

Did you know Ridgewood Social started out on Meetup.com? Well, it’s great to see something like this is back! We hope you guys check out their group, meet some people in the neighborhood, and socialize: https://www.meetup.com/BushwickRidgewood

From Organizer Sere:

“Are you new to the Bushwick/Ridgewood area? Have you lived in the area for a while now and want to branch out to establish friendships with other interesting locals? Come join the Bushwick and Ridgewood Meetup group

Our group is a fun, diverse, and eccentric mix of people and events are open to everyone of all different walks of life. Generally, events are posted every two weeks and usually consist of brunches, happy hours, dinners, and bar crawls. We offer an environment that encourages you to step outside your comfort zone but we’re also laid back enough where members can feel at ease with meeting new people. Come join our Meetup and let’s bring our community closer together!

“We are a fun social group for those who live around Ridgewood/Bushwick. Let’s explore, eat/drink our way through the neighborhood together. Other neighborhoods are not out of the question but mainly we’ll be keeping things local. This group is intended for Bushwick/Ridgewood residents but anyone can join as long as you can make it out to our events.”

Upcoming event: 
Fri Aug 4 7:00 PM
Come join the Bushwick and Ridgewood Meetup group: 

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