In Memory: An Installation at Rockwall Studios on the Bushwick, Ridgewood Border


“‘In Memory’ is a space for you to experience introspection and contemplation.”


Vicky Shum moved to New York to prove to herself that she could be successful and self-sufficient. She ran around the city trying to be “ready for opportunity” while finding ways to make ends meet. Surrounded by a lonely sea of faces in concrete, she felt a strong sense of pressure and a longing to go back to nature- she wanted to bring the outdoors, inside. It was then that she began planning for “In Memory.”

In wanting to be in nature, she wanted to leave the interactions, responsibilities, and constant distractions in daily life. Vicky started making flower-clouds as a way to cope. She realized she was avoiding the inner thoughts that haunted her and made her restless. It was when Vicky made her first flower-clouds, that she allowed herself the space to process her anxieties. “In Memory” no longer was a project to bring the outdoors, inside, but rather was a way to bring her inner thoughts out into the world.
Rockwall Studios
Opening Night July 27 6pm-9pm
July 28 6pm-9pm, July 29-30 11am-6pm
10-80 Wyckoff Avenue Ridgewood, NY 11385

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