Party This Thursday! Ridgewood Social is Turning 5!

Ridgewood Social is celebrating 5 years. In 2012, the news source/blog was started by one person named Sarah Feldman. At the time, she could not afford to get out much, also her social anxiety kept her at home. So… she created a way for people to explore the neighborhood and support local businesses. Ridgewood Social now has thousands of followers and has a large focus on inclusivity, fighting against gentrification, things to do, and supporting small businesses.

Their celebration is a month late. Anyways, the date is set, there will be free cake from a local bakery, drinks, and schmoozing… hopefully hugs too! The official date is June 21, 2012, but we are celebrating in July. 🙂

Ridgewood Social’s Super Belated 5-Year Anniversary Party
July 20th, 2017
The Footlight
465 Seneca Ave,
Queens, New York 11385


About Ridgewood Social from Brick Underground: “Whether it’s a fair reputation or not, this Bushwick-bordering neighborhood has become something of a gateway drug for Brooklynites moving into Queens. And though it shares plenty with its Brooklyn neighbor, Ridgewood is loaded with unique culture, history, and architecture in its own right, all of which is chronicled over at Ridgewood Social. We also appreciate the authors’ sensitivity to the neighborhood’s gentrification, and there’s an entire portion of the site providing accessible housing resources on the site, as well as tips on reducing your own impact as a possible transplant.”

About Ridgewood Social from Glendale Register: “Founded in June 2012 out of ‘boredom,’ Ridgewood Social is an outlet to host interesting happenings and promote Ridgewood events, while creating community and supporting local businesses.”

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