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Text and photos from Emma Gordon of Science Baby

Dear Ridgewood Social,

My name is Emma Gordon. I’m an artist, educator, science enthusiast and now a mother. I grew up in a family of artists, musicians, engineers, scientist and teachers. I chose the artist and educator path but my love for science runs deep. 12 years ago I became a teaching artist with the incredible NYC arts education company, Wingspan Arts.

I was encouraged to combine my passion for science and my skills as a performer and storyteller (Moth Mainstage) and the result was ‘The Art of Science’, a class that translated science through the arts for grades K-5. This later inspired another class that infused creativity into science and engineering for grades 3-5 called ‘Toymaker’s Workshop’. Both classes are still taught in after-school programs all around New York City.

When my son was born I didn’t think twice about moulding these lessons for his developing mind. As an educator, storyteller and visual artist the most compelling educational tools I had at my disposal was story, picture books and an apartment full of safe and fun sensory science. When I couldn’t find science story books for babies, I decided to create and illustrate them myself. And with that, Science Baby was born.

Science Baby is a creative science play-shops for babies and toddlers (*and bigger kids too). The heart of Science Baby is exploring the wonder of science through story, repetition and play. We explore gravity, motion, magnets, chemical reactions, light, water, bubbles, sound and more. Each play-shop is centered around an original picture book.

Together we follow the story and pause to explore the science hands-on. The story changes week-to-week as we follow a unique curriculum specifically tailored to the young developing mind with a focus on embedded learning. This provides children the opportunity to revisit and rediscover the science and class routines through story and play. Science Baby is family-centered learning with parents and caregivers present and engaged with their little scientists. We count with our babies and sing the ABC’s from the moment they’re born, why not introduce them to science? Come to a playshop and watch your little one fall in love with science.




* Baby Sensory Science Play at Julia’s in Ridgewood is for infants through 15 months or so (feel free to reach out if you’re unsure which class is best). This is a 30 minute class. We begin with open play as families arrive followed by science story-time. (Babies who are confident walkers and could manage a longer class with older kids would benefit from the toddler class. See below)

* Hands-on Science Exploration- at Julia’s in Ridgewood for tots through 4 years. This is a 45 minute class. We begin with open play as families arrive followed by science storytime. However we close the toddler class with an art/craft/movement or group activity based on the theme of the class.

Other Science Baby programs:

* Science Baby’s Big(ger) Kid Creative Science Pop– Up Workshops for 4 years and up. These workshops are a unique learning experiences where kids explore science through hands-on experiments, storytelling, visual art, drama and movement. Be prepared dance about molecules, paint with magnets, taste the periodic table and more.

Where: The Footlight Bar, Ridgewood.

Date: TBD

If you’re interested in a pop-up workshop please send an email to

* Science Baby’s Big Little Treehouse – Creative Engineering and Design Pop-Up Workshops for 4 years and up. At this workshop kids transform a basic cardboard template into a unique and extraordinary treehouse complete with slides, staircases, swings, pulley systems… whatever the creator can dream up. This class combines simple engineering and building with design, crafting and storytelling.

Where: The Footlight Bar, Ridgewood.

Date: TBD

If you’re interested in a pop-up workshop please send an email to

More to come:

* Big(ger) kids Science Pop-up Workshop – at Trans Pecos this Spring! Stay tuned to FB page for dates.

* Backyard Science Baby – at Bushwick Bakery – Dig into biology with some spring planting. Stay tuned to FB page for dates.

Emma Gordon is a creative professional whose work has taken many forms. A proud graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre in New York, she has performed on stages big and small, worked in both TV and film. She has leant her voice to such campaigns as Outback steakhouse, Qantas, Marriott, Philips and is proud to work with the educational site Curiousityville as Ruby the Cat. Emma is a mainstage storyteller for The Moth. Passionate about infusing the arts into science education, she also a teaching artist who creates learning experiences for pre-K-5 and also consults on creative curriculum development with educators. She is the founder of Science Baby, Creative science playshops for babies & toddlers. Emma was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and travelled extensively living in London and the Netherlands before settling in New York, where she lives with her husband and son. Voiceover/acting site: Creative work: Science Baby Site (under construction):

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