Ridgewood Vintage Ad Mystery…. SOLVED!! They were painted in 1919!

Hi guys! Remember when I needed help creating a blog post about these ads below? They appeared after a warehouse was demolished near Myrtle Ave & Wyckoff in Ridgewood, Queens. Well, it turned out better than I expected! They are from 1919! I received a ton of information from so many people. I was so flattered. I really hope the owner of the lot saves these ads. I wonder if we should contact them? They are located in between Seneca Ave. M Train and Myrtle Wyckoff on Palmetto in between Gates and Woodbine.

Thank you Sergey Kadinsky, Deborah Parise, and Joe Desiderio for your connections.

From Anne Broecker and Ron Rayher:

The two ads were painted around 1919. The Long Island Business School was located on S. 8th St. from 1899-1919. The school was located on S. 8th St. from 1899-1919. Deutsch Bros. was a clothing, furniture and phonograph company. They were located at 3rd Ave. and 123rd Street and also had locations on Ave. A and on Broadway in Bushwick. They had a fire in 1926 and may have closed or moved to Chicago.

Steve Monte from the Ridgewood Historic Society and Vinny Arcuri from Community Board 5 can both confirm and remember there used to be an indoor off-street parking facility/ garage. That is why the ads are in such great condition…. they were covered from the elements of weather! 

From Frank Jump’s Fading Ad Blog Post:

According to The Brownstoner, The Long Island Business School, located at 143 South 8th Street operated from 1899 to 1921, so this sign would have been painted the just a few years before they ceased operations.

The Deutsch Brothers Furniture Store specialized in Grand Rapids Furniture and also sold clothing and phonographs. According to September 4, 1919 edition of The Furniture World Magazine:

“The Brooklyn store of Deutsch Bros., at 1480 Broadway, suffered by a serious fire which started in the basement December 18 and considerably damaged the stock on three floors. Damage is estimated at $30,000.”

On the website Collectors Weekly, one commenter under the screen name DizzyDavestated in a comment six years ago:

“They were located in Chicago, and apparently closed sometime from 1920-1927 due to bankruptcy from a fire in their warehouse. It is later noted that the Deutsch Brothers were commissioned in 1961 by Jacquelyn Kennedy to design furniture in the Louis XV style for the East Room of the White House.”



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