Rudy’s Bakery & Cafe’s Homemade Marshmallow Sandwiches

Rudy’s Bakery and Cafe has been baking for Ridgewood residents since 1934. A few years ago, they renovated the space and added a seating area and cafe so you can enjoy their desserts and use their free Wi-Fi. They also added a breakfast and lunch menu with frittatas and sandwiches.


Their popular pastry chef, Cristina Natasi joined them recently. You may know her from her former work at the MOMA. She is famous for her s flourless chocolate cakes, oatmeal marshmallow sandwiches and salted caramel cake. She introduced vegan and gluten-free treats to the neighborhood and many were grateful.

Rudy’s specializes in fondant cakes and other cakes for any occasion. They are actually making a cake for my wedding! Their fillings include cannoli cream, custard, strawberry, red velvet, fresh fruit, mousse and more.

If you are having a small party or a gift, they have a variety of Italian and traditional cookies. I order them for birthday parties and they are always a hit. They also sell cupcakes.

Their seasonal items include homemade gelato in the summer as well as a delicious dark hot chocolate in the winter.


“We’re a traditional bakery and we cater to customers whose families have lived in this neighborhood for generations,” – Antonetta “Toni” Binanti, Owner


Rudy’s Bakery and Cafe
Address: 905 Seneca Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385


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