Spolem Cafe: A Love Story

So let me give you a little backstory. As some of you know, I’m currently dating a pretty cool guy. His name is Neil and he introduced me to this neighborhood five years ago. When we first met, we would hang out in Ridgewood and our favorite place to go was Spolem. So pretty much, that coffee shop is a very, very important place to us.

Spolem opened 6 years ago with the intent to serve everyone in the Ridgewood community. The word “Spolem” in Poland has very long history. The name itself has an interesting meaning. It means, “let’s do something together… jointly.”

They serve waffles covered with fruits, maple syrup, apple sauce, ice cream, whipped cream. They have a martini called, “Love Me Tender”  with orange liquor and cherries.  For caffeine you have, coffee, tea, seasonal lattes (like pumpkin spice!!), a Nutella latte, espresso, cappuccino, and more.  Their number one seller is a blueberry passion drink.  During the winter, they have hot wine. They will also have a new martini espresso coming this week.

They also serve Polish specialties. They have pierogi in combinations of potatoes/cheese, spinach/cheese, meat and kraut/mushrooms. Another item is Zapiekanka, which is great for vegetarians. It is a kind of bread with greens, melted cheese, and topped with scallions.


Address: 66-30 Fresh Pond Rd, Queens, NY 11385
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