Trans-Pecos’ Surprise Concert at Ltauha

While at the grand opening of Julia’s, we heard a rumor from the folks at Finback that there was a surprise concert being played on Myrtle Ave!! Neil and I had no intention of trying to find this secret concert in the cold weather. Instead, we decided to have a late dinner at Ltauha Restaurant.

What a surprise! The super secret concert was at Ltauha Restaurant. Unbeknownst to us, there was a back room for private occasions and the live music was being hosted by the local music venue, Trans Pecos. Trans Pecos has always been a huge fan of Ltauha Restaurant and it is nice seeing businesses in the neighborhood supporting each other.

Also, it is so great to see Ltauha with a liquor license. Their restaurant received it just before the new year and supposedly had a very packed day on January 1st to celebrate. I am so happy they are doing well!! They have some of the best food in the neighborhood as well as a great drink menu.

I believe this was the music for the night, let me know if I am wrong:

EXCEPTER presents:

Teengirl Fantasy DJs, J Slusher, Rhyton, Dinowalrus, John Atkinson (Aa) with ExcepterDJs

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